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9 Questions with Head Coach Scott Alcorn

JM) Did any of your players from last season move on to play at a higher level following the season?

SA) Yes.
Amuary Nunes (Mf/Fwd) went to Charlotte to finish the 2009 season
and signed with Charleston for this 2010 season.

Ryan Kenny (GK) is flying in from Real Salt Lake (MLS) to play
one game for us. Our opener vs. Hollywood. After training with
RSL over next 3-weeks he appears to have a contract offer
from Charleston after he trains with RSL. Unless RSL likes
what they see. I know Ryan can play at the next level.

JM) You finished the 2009 season on your only winning streak of the season, was your team coming together a little too late? Do you feel your team can carry that momentum over into 2010?
SA) The winning streak was good only that we got back to .500 record.
We have higher standards than that. Due to injuries and roster moves
we never had the same (11) on the field for two games in a row.
The upside was our 19 and 20 year old players got quality PDL
experience. That part will carry over.
JM) What changes did you make to the roster during the offseason?
 SA) Lost two high level players. Orlando Ramirez retired. He had been
our captian the past three years for me. Also lost Raul Rivera. Former
youth national team player. One of the top Leftbacks in PDL. He is
taking 1-year off to finish his college degree.

Added.....Gabrial Gonzales (Fwd) former Ventura player. This was a
big concern for us until he came in. Solid striker. Just what we needed.

Returned....Milton Blanco. Crafty veteran. MLS, USL Div1, is on his
resume'. Solid Central Mf for us and team captian.

Added....Steven Sinfuentes (UNLV). Top level midfielder to help us
out wide. Brings pace and experience.
JM) What incoming player are you excited to see in action?
SA)  Gabriel Gonzales (Fwd). Reminds me of a smaller version
of Pablo Campos.
JM) What are some unique abilities that player brings to the Fuego?
SA) Gabriel will fill in a big hole we had the past two years. He has the
full package. Can play with his back to the goal but has the ability to
break down defenders going at them. He will be exciting to watch!
JM) What was the highlight of the 2009 season?
 SA) Not much :)) You know our standards are set very high.
But I guess beating Hollywood and Ventura our last two
matches. Both these finish 1st and 2nd. We did it with most
of our under 23's.
JM) Were there any interesting anecdotal-type(comical/behind-the-scenes type stuff) stories that happened during the 2009 season?
 SA) Due to injuries and roster issues at Ogden Utah I had to roster and
suit up our GM. Jeremy Schultz. Former professional hadn't played
in 7-years or so. He knew what he wanted to do on and off the ball
but his legs would not cooperate. :)) It was a good time. In fact he
came inches from scoring a goal.
JM) What are the team’s goals in 2010?

SA) To be the US Open Cup Qualifier from our Div.
Of course competing for a National Championship but
we take one at a time. Compete for 90mins and do your
best to make your teammate better. If we do this rewards
will come our way.

JM) Talk about Pablo Campos. What are the chances you have another player like him come out of Fresno in the near future? Did his time in the PDL help him grow as a player?

SA) The chances are very good. The past three years I've been with the Fuego
we have sent (5) players to the next level. Pablo getting to the highest level
of the (5). His time in the PDL had a major impact on his career. He was able
to develop more goal scoring options at this high level. Increased his work
off the ball and earned PDL player of the year. Over my 20yrs in coaching
he may be the best player I've been around.

Jason Minnick - USLsoccer.com

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